Our History

Serving Durban for over sixty years

For over sixty years we have been at the heart of durban’s life.  In that time, we have learned exactly what our customers want.

We have been fetching and carrying generations of people – from tiny children in the 1950’s who have now grown up into over 50 year old adults – to tourists from all over the world – to companies who have needed transport for their staff.

Generations of people have utilised our services to get to the airport on time and to be collected on their return; to get to a meeting on time, or a conference; shopping, a hospital, a restaurant, movies, a swim in the ocean at one of Durban’s beaches.

We have always been there – getting people to their destinations – safely and on time. - connecting people with the heartbeat and rhythm of the city.

Durban Luxury Cabs

mercedes benze taxi cab

Durban Taxi Cabs

mercedes benze taxi cab

Eagle Taxi Cabs' History

mercedes benze taxi cab